Terms Of Use

Our Terms Of Service

Dansgate was envisioned to be of service to Christians and Conservatives who have been de-platformed, shadow banned and censored on the Big Tech Social Media platforms. We are here on behalf of protecting free speech and the free flow of information on behalf of those who we provide this service for as defined above.

Dansgate is also envisioned to be what social media ought to be in terms of user tools for better creativity and productivity.

Dansgate was not envisioned to be an all inclusive world wide social media platform, since our service is limited to English speaking nations and territories.


The opinion and views of the member users here at Dansgate may vary widely and hence are not neccesisarily the opinions, views and beliefs of the owner of Dansgate Social Media nor its staff.  Our members are responcible for their content and its context, of which Dansgate may not share like opinion or views.  And in some cases may totally disagree with, however it is the copright content of our members who are exercising their freedom of speech, within the terms of our user rules.  And as the copyright content of our users, this also means they own that content and are only responicible for such content, in terms of opinions, views, perspectives and suggestions that they may make.  We advise and hence hope that our users will use commonsense and wisdom in terms of the content that they publish since they are responcible for their words. 

Privacy Policy

Dansgate does not collect data on our users, we only require your email address for joining and maintaining your account.  You may elect to provide your address in your profile for your business purposes, and to show you friends your location.  We do not provide nor sell user data to anyone.  Furthermore we use SSL secure connection encryption here on this network to make sure that what little data we require for your account login is secure.    

We do not use third party apps that collect user data within our network, however our public access magazine pages contains ads as well as such features as the Diqus commenting section that might collect user data but only on our magazine pages.  And these apps might set cookies on your browser.  The Disqus privacy policy is here.  

Our members network only sets a cookie to verify you are logged in, and to identify you for your profile and account purposes.  We do not use tracking cookies, we have no need nor desire to use tracking cookies here at our network.  However the previously mentioned third party apps on our magazine pages may set tracking cookies when you use the commenting section or travel to sites to review products and or services advertised in our magazine, which has nothing to do with Dansgate.  Dansgate is not responsible for the privacy practices of the websites that you may travel to on behalf of those who advertise their products and service here at Dansgate.  
Terms Of Use

Gerneral Use Terms:

All members of Dansgate must agree to respect the Christian values that some of our members hold in terms of their religious faith. As well as the Conservative values and political views of some of our members since Dansgate was primarily launched to be of service to such people who have been censored on other platforms. And our members must also understand that just like other social media platforms that exercise their political paradigms, and hence bias we are biased towards the Christian and Conservative side of the spectrum, which are those of whom we first envisioned to be of service to.

You must likewise agree to keep things decent and respectable since we want to be a family and friends social media network, which is likewise friendly towards Churches and Christian ministries as well as professional journalist and broadcasters. Our memberships extend to people down to the age of 16 years of age.

 Our User Rules: 

 1.  We utilize a profanity filter to filter out profanity which many users of the Internet find inappropriate, and so we are not like Facebook which allows the use of such words to fill their news feed. Anyone who finds ways to get around our filters such as post memes with inappropriate words will be banned, and continual disregard for our no profanity rule by numerous attempts to publish inappropriate words in memes will result in the deletion of the user profile.

2. We will not tolerate the distribution of pornography, nor the creation of profiles by individuals in the pornography industry, nor the distribution of links to pornography sites, as well as sending pornography in private messages to our members. All members who violate this rule will be deleted from this community, and all their content removed from this platform. 

 3. We will not tolerate anyone stalking our members, nor trolling their post, nor trolling in groups. Those who stalk our members may be reported to law enforcement who can obtain access to the stalkers profile and investigate their content and private messages. Trolls will have their profiles and content deleted. Furthermore we will not tolerate bullying our members, you will not target anyone to harass them for any reason, nor attack their character. 

 4. We will not tolerate anyone sexually harassing our members, which some people think of doing through private messaging in which case, we will investigate such messages, since the Admin and Super Moderators do have the ability to review private messages here at Dansgate. 

 5. We do not tolerate any member making terroristic threats against other members, nor against anyone in the public at large. We expect our members to act with common sense and hence act professionally in our community. Depending upon the nature of the threat a user may have their profile and content deleted or law enforcement may become involved.