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Trump/patriot-friendly free speech social media & video sites... - https://xephula.com/blogs/406213/Trump-patriot-friendly-free-speech-social-media-video-sites-list

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    Revamping The Network
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      Since our members failed to bring in new members by not sharing and inviting members, we decided to use this time to revamp Dansgate and do some additional design work.  If you join us please remember that it is up to you, me, all of us to do our part to grow our community.  We found it odd that many people talk about having a free speech social media platform to replace the Big Tech run media outlets, yet when given a platform designed for what they said they wanted in social media, especially free speech, they refuse to move on from Facebook and Twitter and hence our experience is that most people procrastinate on this issue.  Well this is no way to win the war on censorship.  Think abou