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  Welcome to the personal profile of Dansgate Magazine, which is a feature here in the network where featured post and other content of our members who Post content to the news feed, is seen as web articles on webpages in the magazine section. Hence you post become syndicated for the world wide web. This feature is all a part of our vision for a new kind of social media.  Where social media here at Dansgate is community and hence member driven.  


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  Curious question, why would Biden do a fake green screen news spot before departing on his helicopter? Is he fearful of catching COVID 19? Or is he as some say an actor? What we do know is that faking things makes people wonder about the man and what is really going on. Furthermore this lends more credence to the reality of fakes news, and a fake administration, and hence only fuels speculation and theories.

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Greg Reese

How a fake pandemic was used to usher in the anti-human era.

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Alex Jones breaks down the globalist plan to declare 'global eminent domain' on humanity.

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