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  I am Dan, for those who want to know who I am.

  If you need help in finding your way around this network then please use the Network Index link in the left sidebar of the news feed / homepage.  Please note that we assume that all users of Dansgate have desired to look over and read our Terms of Service And Use at some point during their time here.  Our network home page for Dansgate is here where we publish network news and information.  We also have our own News Room which publishes articles of interest in the news from across the nation and world.

  We also have a list of Featured Broadcasters we have started, which contains both live and replays streaming video broadcast as well as podcast.  We will add more broadcasters as we obtain them on our platform.  I addition we have Groups that you can create and if you want to have some fun, we have several Chat Rooms.

  Dansgate was built with a different vision in mind, we envisioned social media as it ought to be, and more than other social media platforms have envisioned.  Our aim is to help our members realize that they are getting more out of social media here than at any of the other community networks on the Internet.  We hope that you discover and become acquainted with all of our features, and that you learn their use and realize how that you can be more creative here than at any other social media site.  So experiment during your first days here, your post do not have to make sense and be all serious as you experiment with how things work.


 At Dansgate we recognize your freedom of speech, and we want you to see news and information from uncensored sources because we believe in your right to know things.  We believe you need to know about things that can effect your future, your health and safety.  We believe in your right to choose not to believe the official globalist narrative and its agenda.  

It appears that evidence was found on a government server that amounts to a play book where government worked through Big Tech media to censor people on social media, and hence deny them their rights, and oppress them through censoring their free speech. This amounts to state sponsored censorship and now comes the law suits and they are coming for Twitter first. Read 18 U.S.C. Section 241

I just want to remind our members that our terms of service extend only to English speaking nations and that we have entire countries blocked.  If someone is within those blocked regions and manages to get around our server settings, we remove them.  Our terms of service state who we are and are not of service to.  Yes it really states such things as this, and we are this way since we are not about to have problems with people trying to tell us how to run things.  We have an American vision, we are of the Western sort of vision in the world.

California is ruled by lunatics, they are a bed of political nutcases run amok.  

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