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  This foundation is for the use of our founding members to earn their membership status. By joining this foundation during the first years of the launch of this network you as a member are to provide support in terms of inviting others to join, and or provide financial support of this network.  We ask that a member bring to Dansgate 20 new members to become a founder.  And for those members who provide financial support we will provide them with VIP status, and and those who bring 20 new members we will provide Founders status.  These statuses will be seen as a badge or seal on the members profile and come with certain perks in terms of permissions here on Dansgate.

  For financial support we use PayPal.

  As a member of this foundation, we ask that you provide a list of names of the people you intend to invite to join in advance of them joining.  When they join we can verify those names on the list.  You can contact us with they join to remind us, furthermore please ask you friends to get a profile using their real names so that they reflect the names on the list.  Note the list you submit does not have to contain 20 names at first since you can submit other list later.

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