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  This is the Dansgate Community News and Information Organization.  All official network information will be published from here, with occasional reposting from the News Room.  News regarding new features, platform improvements, as well as new memberships by high profile individuals of interest can be found in the Dansgate news feed, please befriend us to stay aware of what is happening at Dansgate.  

  We will publish ads from this profile in order to support our network and those who advertise through us.

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A brief history of Dansgate

  Originally this network was being set up for the vision we had for the kind of social media network that we envisioned and all of that came to pass with this platform. Yet along the way while looking at how to configure and set up the platform with various custom features we can add, it was realized that the Post viewing pages could be set up to look like typical website pages, with an online magazine theme. By converting this section into an online magazine then our member's post can go to syndication on the Internet where they can be accessed publicly and shared. Furthermore advertisements can be run on those pages on behalf of the need to monetize the platform for revenue to support the cost of hosting and other associated online cost.

  In addition to all of the above, our members could use their post to promote their enterprises, their websites and businesses. They can promote their video broadcast and podcast. And since this platform also has a classifieds section this vision seems to be a good one, in addition to the original vision. All of this being said about the vision, it should also be said that we hope that the content of our members will be focused on journalistic ideas, and not misusing this platform merely for promotions. Since our original vision was for a free speech platform to counter Big Tech censorship. In light of all of this, we also hope that some of our more well to do members will understand the significance and importance of such a platform and remember to support us from time to time, since such a platform as this does provide advantages for them as compared to other platforms.

Dansgate has allot of features suited for publishing full articles in the news feed, as well as for live streaming and embedding streams of broadcast or videos. These features are more or less suited for PC users than for phone, however you can post links and comments by phone the same as on Twitter or Farcebook. Furthermore for phone users Dansgate is easily logged into and viewed by way of any phone browser. We have experimented with building phone apps for Dansgate however at the moment the expense of those apps are beyond our finances. We hope that our members will want to invited others to join us, the more that join the better in terms of getting even more to join.

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   One of America’s oldest and undoubtedly most powerful secret societies, Skull and Bones has operated under cover for 190 years, then Alex Jones knocked on their front door on 3/22/21.

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  Dansgate provides our all of our social media members a means to go web wide daily with their post and content. This feature of our community is called Dansgate Magazine, accessible to the public as a daily journalism and media publication website.

  Whenever our members publish a Post, using the rich text / html post editor, their post will go to syndication on the Internet via our community website pages "Dansgate Magazine" that are open to the public for viewing and sharing.  The pages contain a drop down sharing button feature that opens to 180 different sharing buttons, the same that can be found on your profile and in our groups.  Herein is a snap shot of how the Dansgate Magazine is set up, providing community wide web post along with the typical support ads and other features that a web site provides to the public.  All of those who visit us from post shared up 180 easy ways  by the share buttons, see what looks to be a mere journalism publication website.  

  Below is a snap shot of our magazine section, click the photo to enlarge.

  This feature will provide our members with a net wide audience, and help in promoting our network.

Do not let controlled Big Tech social media put you in a box or cage.  Be free, break the chains.

Now on our Featured Broadcasters list is Truth 2 Ponder with host Bob Biermann.

His broadcast page list his latest podcast.

Censorship exist on the Big Tech globalist controlled platforms, invite your friends to join us and leave those Big Tech platforms.

Dansgate is not going to waste resources on a bunch of fake fact checkers, nor on developers to develop algorithms to shadow ban and censor anyone. We don't like the high and mighty fact checkers and especially Snopes. We are a free speech platform.

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