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It looks like I need to prune some accounts since I have numerous people who signed up but did not follow through with a confirmation email and never came back to their accounts.  I would prefer that when someone joins that they become active and even experiment with Dansgate.  I believe that when people sign up by phone they are not seeing the PC only features and hence loose interest.  Yet I suppose PC users would make more contributions once they become active and begin to use all of the features we have available.

I joined Yorespot to check it out and then later in their emails I noticed some peculiar things such as they do believe in placing limits on free speech as they see fit, and also they reserve the right to become like Facebook, they believe that they can have less confrontational people and hence be less divided or rather inclusive but you know this does not work in a world full of contrasting ideologies, politics and religions.  Hence to achieve this sort of vision they will have to clamp down on the networks in the future to maintain this vision, hence they will control it. In order for people of like mind to network, they all have to be let say from America as opposed to the other nations.  Hence Dansgate is open to English speaking nations.  You have to have a gateway that is guarded and we limit access from the nations through our server that blocks the IPs of entire nations.

It appears that evidence was found on a government server that amounts to a play book where government worked through Big Tech media to censor people on social media, and hence deny them their rights, and oppress them through censoring their free speech. This amounts to state sponsored censorship and now comes the law suits and they are coming for Twitter first. Read 18 U.S.C. Section 241

I just want to remind our members that our terms of service extend only to English speaking nations and that we have entire countries blocked.  If someone is within those blocked regions and manages to get around our server settings, we remove them.  Our terms of service state who we are and are not of service to.  Yes it really states such things as this, and we are this way since we are not about to have problems with people trying to tell us how to run things.  We have an American vision, we are of the Western sort of vision in the world.

California is ruled by lunatics, they are a bed of political nutcases run amok.