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The Image of the Beast

It took me some time but one day I realized that people had taken the Beast of Daniel which were empires or rather kingdoms that ruled as empires, and converted the last head of the beast in Revelations into the image of a man they call the Antichrist. And they did this mostly in our times, where they were able to bring this image to life on the silver cinema screen, breathing and speaking as in the movie the Omen, and then later in the Omega Code and a few other movies. And then people feared this image, and it was suppose to be the orthodox interpretation of Revelations, where if you did not prescribe to this interpretation then you were a religious heretic, and your testimony should be excommunicated from the mainstream of religious teachings. If you did not prescribe to this interpretation then you were considered to be of the devil and to be damned and so removed from the orthodox congregations, and as you know they would have you dead rather than to use your freedom of speech.

There is however an Antichrist which is a spirit that works in many people in this world who are but the mere minions of Satan. John told us in his epistle that in his day there were already many Antichrist and so he was telling us they were plural and not singular and now they have grown many more in time, such as we have in the governments of the world today. People are missing the Antichrist plural that are in power now because they have been indoctrinated to look for an Antichrist "singular" and so they play pin the tail on the Antichrist to try and name this figure they invented. This figure that was brought to life in our times on the silver screen.  Hence I am referring to a false interpretation that has been taught to people, where the original definition of the Beast which are kingdoms is redefined to be a man called the Antichrist and the world feared this image, it was ominous to them.

I was expecting a global pandemic to mean the classic sense of what it means, which is to say bodies piling up in the streets near homeless camps, and ambulances coming to our streets often to take out the sick and the dead. Apparently some people do not understand what the word pandemic means? In this case it apparently means any condition that might be construed to mean someone has COVID 19. Like having a cough, or not feeling up to weather. In summary this is not the pandemic it was claimed to be. I mean a pandemic is like near to apocalyptic in scope, however this is more like fearing the boogey man, a made up entity.

  Since Biden's slogan is "Build Back Better"  I wonder what he thinks he is building back?  What I understand is that Trump built back our economy, and he put allot of people to work doing it.  While he made factories come back to America, whereas the policies of the past and particularly of the left drove factories out of the USA to other nations.  And Trump brought back a sense of pride.  I see Biden from the start telling people down south that they can come across the boarder once he became President.  I see him basically encouraging a foreign invasion.  I see him and his Administration surrounding them self with a police state.  I do not see him building anything for America, maybe for the globalist.

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  Most everyone knows of, or have heard of Big Tech platforms censoring and even de-platforming individuals as well as journalist and broadcasters who will not follow the politically correct narrative. Which of course means the liberal socialist, globalist narrative.  Quite a few of us have experienced this by being censored, as well as shadow banned on such platforms as Facebook and Twitter; all because of our individual political or religious views and opinions.  The de-platforming of private enterprises such as Infowars.com and Parlor went as far as to demonetize those private enterprises, which includes Infowars being banned from doing business on PayPal and Parlor being deleted from their Amazon hosting account.  Furthermore Infowars and other like minded sources of information where first demonetized on Youtube, then banned on that platform as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

  What we have come to realize is that the Big Tech corporations who run the Internet think that they own it all and can control it all world wide.  And we have learned that they can influence elections not just in the USA but around the world, by censoring information about alternative political candidates from their platforms.  From Google, to Twitter and Facebook as well as Youtube.  Furthermore we have come to realize that what we see emerging is a world wide technocracy, despite the vision of many who tell us that there are no nations being run as a technocracy (even though it is true that communist China is the leader in technocratic controls with their use of their Chicom Social Credit Score System) we have realized that their is a global technocracy running in place behind the scenes.  And our leftist media as well as the left side of the political isle are all in favor of this type of control world wide, as well as here in the USA.  And of course they want us all to believe that we are in control of our government here, and that it is still the government of, by and for we the people.  And then we might add to this, this matter of being able to remote control election voting machines?  If you do not understand the term Technocracy maybe you will understand it better defined as a scientific dictatorship.

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            By Any Other Name Globalism is Technocracy, Not Merely Communism

  When Facebook come on the scene My Space had already been in business as the number one social media platform.  The old original My Space at that time was unique even by today's state of the art standards in that it allowed people to use html and css scripts to customize their profiles.  And this in turn exposed people to the basic concepts of web design wherein later, the old My Space members would become those who would move on to launch their own websites and media platforms.  However as we know later on, many of those members were persuaded to move to Facebook for a new kind of experience, wherein Facebook did not offer the My Space members anything in terms of the kinds of tools that My Space offered.  And as we know this hurt My Space and they had to change their business model to becoming a entertainment platform, doing away with their previous kinds of membership and html tools for customizing profiles.

  What happened to the original My Space can in turn happen to Facebook who thinks that they own us all and have made us into a digital asset.  Wherein they have been guilty of selling our personal data to third parties, as well as interfering with our freedom of speech and our elections through censoring the right side of the political isle on their platform.

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           PROOF: Facebook interfered, tampered with fraudulent 2020 election

  Referring  back to what was previously said about what happened to My Space due to Facebook taking their members, could happen to Facebook in turn.  It appears to be a concern of Big Tech in that they are active in finding ways to do away with competing platforms which we saw occur with Parler.  In fact the talk of the Big Tech technocrats as of late has been about the ability to use the digital encoding of files that we produce such as documents and graphics on our computers, where our computer ID number has been digitally encoded on those files for some time, to track us on the Internet and in turn use that encoding to shadow ban our files, whenever they have been flagged on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other Big Tech platforms.  Which means that content we upload onto Wordpress sites, and other locations, will be identified and blocked from appearing in search engines as well as on certain Internet Service providers where they have been known in the past to block and make content and websites disappear from their lines of service.  ATT and Comcast were known to have done this.  Furthermore such content shared back to Twitter and Facebook will not be allowed to be posted.

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  What happened to My Space can and should happen to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, by way of us all moving to other platforms that do not share these Big Tech technocratic controls and  practices.  We can boycott them and leave their platforms behind, moving away from them and in turn take away their monetary value as we leave.  And if they are rolling in the realm of billions of dollars by way of their advertisement income, that revenue can in turn be handed over to new platforms that recognizes the right of our freedom of speech.  Wherein as we leave in groves to new platforms, the advertisers will have to try and reach the people by advertising on those platforms where we all have moved to.  Which in turn will move the wealth around and away from the technocrats in Silicon Valley.  And in time this will force such platforms as Facebook and Twitter to change their business models and hence way of doing business or fall by the way side.

  The time is now for such a boycott, it is time to find new places to congregate.  In fact I believe the Bible tells us something about our need to assemble together in the last day, and so we all need to congregate where we and our free speech is welcome.

  “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” Hebrews 10:25

  The day has been approaching us for some time now and the day is at hand.

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  Facebook is suppose to represent diversity, however they are working hard to turn the tone of the voices of the people on their platform into a monotone, and hence a bland platform where everyone is expected to chant the same mantra and repeat what they are told to repeat. Diversity my foot! Facebook tells us that they are doing this but turn around and do the opposite. Of course we know that they like to tell us that alternative views and opinions are fake news, and they want us all to follow their narrative and be good little cattle and march on into the butchery. Take your shots they say! Believe the science they say! And Biden legitimately won they say! If we listen to them they say, the world will become Utopia with Zuckerberg as Emperor.

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Babylon Is Fallen ~ Learning The Lessons Of History

  God allows some things to continue in this world until people learn the lesson of them. It is true with God that He knows that history will repeat itself until we learn its lessons. And today I know it is true that there are people who are attempting to rewrite history to hide the lessons that men have learned so that people can fall in the snare of being trapped by those things again, and one of those traps is socialism which many are teaching today to our students in college as an alternative to our Republican form of government.

  Today here in this nation and in some parts of the world, it looks like God is setting the world up to learn its biggest lesson. And if we read the Bible we know that this is true since His word has showed this to us. Three times in the Bible that I know of it is repeated that Babylon is fallen, once in the Old Testament and twice in Revelations. Hence history repeats itself.

Jeremiah 51:8-15
Revelation 14:8
Revelation 18:2

  There are yet men in this world who think of building an empire, and today they think that they can do this through a world wide technocracy that influences people's minds and opinions through the control of information and hence through censorship of counter opinions with prescribed narratives and hence propaganda for the cause of their empire ~ being the desired narrative. These technocrats know ways and means to control governments, they can censor information about alternative political candidates and even control elections through electronic voting means. They are wanting to build themselves a high tower, one like the pyramid seen in their logo Novus Ordo Seclorum which is the image of the hierarchy of their new world order. However they do not realize that they are attempting to build a fallen concept for themselves. Just like socialism is a fallen concept that they use to destroy nations since the idea of socialism is tempting to people, the idea of empires like that of old Babylon, or Greece or Rome are all fallen concepts which tempt the minds of those who would rule this planet. They are doomed to fall, and so we read that the eighth head of the beast (yes there are eight and most only folk know about seven) which arises for a short time and then goes into perdition, which means destruction. Hence it is destroyed after a short career.

  "The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition (destruction)." Revelation 17:8-11

  Remember this, the new world order as a vision is a mistaken and fallen concept doomed to destruction, and its demise follows a short span of time, its days are numbered.  And since its ambition is so great, with the roll out of the Great Reset of which when men understand the plan, the world will revolt.  And when the world begins to see what this globalist cabal has done then the gloves are off and mask are coming off.  There will be a world wide revolution.

  This is how the elite envision them selves, living high atop the world, riding on the back of the beast. Above natural order and above the law.

New Moon - First Sabbath - Passover - Feast of Bread - 2021
  The New Moon in March will take place at 10.21pm on Saturday 13 March 2021.
First Sabbath March 20, 2021 (7 days after New Moon)
First Seder Saturday 27 - Sun March 28, 2021
~ Passover 2021 begins at sundown on March 27 and ends Sunday evening, April 4.
  The first Passover seder is on the evening of March 27, and the second Passover seder takes place on the evening of March 28. Passover always occurs on the full moon of the first sacred month of the Sacred Calendar of Moses.
Feast Of Bread begins after Passover and last for seven days, till the evening of April 3.
  The third sabbath since the new moon occurs on April 3, 2021 the last quarter of the moon in the first month.
  All of the sabbath days fall on one of the four quarters of the moon, not on Saturday although they can, since a lunar month is only 28 days long and a Julian month is 30 days long on average, a sabbath can fall on Wednesday or any day of the week as the months move along in the year.  Now you know the true sabbath day.
Remember the Passover of our Lord Jesus Christ.