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Getting Started

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  This is a quick guide for getting started with the unique features of our network.

Post And Updates

  There are two ways to post content to the news feed, the first is a simple Update text box, which also has buttons for posting links to articles as well as videos, and a round button for live broadcasting from your PC cam. The second means of posting content is the Post feature which allows you to use a rich text editor such as you may be familiar with in web installations such as Wordpress and other web sites. The Post feature allows you to place a header image as the featured image of your post, as well as allows you to set the paragraph style to Justify if you want. You can also utilize the HTML source code feature found in the drop down tab of the Tools link in the top menu bar of the Post editor. You can embed videos, podcast, even live broadcast stream plugins such as the RTMP script that will allow you to broadcast, however there is a button on the editor as well as the Update post method that will allow you to broadcast from your PC camera with no set up or code required. You can also place your broadcast plugin within your profile description area where it will go live on your profile every time you broadcast.

  When you use the Post rich text editor, you will want to have a header since the post is compressed into a sample of the post in the news feed, and when the post is clicked on it opens up into its own web page, revealing all of its content not seen in the feed.

  Please note that you can also attach text files and documents to your post.

  On your profile the Update feature is listed as Post to Feed, for the Post editor look for the Post link in the navigation bar beneath the profile cover.  Please note that when you use the Post link from your profile it allows you to also edit your past post or delete them if you feel they are outdated or if you have more current information that proves to be more accurate than your past post.

  Beneath the Update text entry area you will see buttons for various features such as Link, Photo etc.  If you use the Link button and add a link to a Youtube video, or a link to a web article, then the video will appear in the post where it can also be viewed in the news feed, as well as a web article will appear with its featured image and relevant article data.  You will have a to wait a moment before publishing since when you first add the link it will say Empty, allow the video or article to appear and them publish your Update.

Media Albums

  You can create media albums for photos and videos, as well as use albums as a playlist for music videos.  Also note that you can embed numerous videos in a single Post.

Videos Play Live In The News Feed

  Whenever you add a video via its link such as a Youtube link in an Update, or paste its embedding script into a Post, it will play in the news feed.  Hence unlike Facebook where you have to follow the video link to Youtube it plays in the news feed so that your post viewers can watch it in the feed and comment on it there.  This creates more post engagement and makes Dansgate allot more interesting than other social media.  You can also embed full length movies, please do not try to upload a full length movie since its file size is not supported for uploading.  Regarding video uploads, the file size is limited, also it has to be converted after uploading before it appears in the news feed.


  Beneath the Update is a button that looks like a black dot, using this button you can broadcast live from your phone or PC cam.  Another way to add a live broadcast is to use a iframe script for your RTMP broadcasting script from a source such as  Iframe as well as video tags are allowed in the Post html source feature. Podcast can also be added to a post using the audio tag.  The embed tag may work also but this depends on the browser your friends are using.


  The Discussions features is another way to post content to your friends, which acts like a group chat.  


  The Channels feature is for using hashtag content.  Whenever a hashtag is added to a post it goes to a channel for that hashtag.  Channels are created by the Admin so that there will be certain channels of interest that people can use and hence not have the platform filled with allot of useless channels that make it hard to find the desired channel. Some channels may be temporary to cover some current event or topic.


  Like most other social media Dansgate has groups, please note that all groups are governed by our Terms of Use and User Rules as well as our Community Standards, group admins may add additional rules to their group.  A group Admin may never administrate a group that does not follow our terms of use and rules as well as standards.  No group can be used for illegal activity nor for pornography.  Please note that since cannabis is legal in many states groups devoted to further legalization as well as its health benefits are allowed here at Dansgate, however no group member may post about selling cannabis or seeds since there are yet many states that have not legalized cannabis for medicinal or recreational use.  Dansgate is in support of the legalization of medicinal marijuana in all states.

  This list will be expanded to cover about every feature Dansgate has to offer.