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Alex Jones Confronts Skull and Bones On 322
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   One of America’s oldest and undoubtedly most powerful secret societies, Skull and Bones has operated under cover for 190 years, then Alex Jones knocked on their front door on 3/22/21.
Changing The Big Tech Paradigm
  Most everyone knows of, or have heard of Big Tech platforms censoring and even de-platforming individuals as well as journalist and broadcasters who will not follow the politically correct narrative. Which of course means the liberal socialist, globalist narrative.  Quite a few of us have experienced this by being censored, as well as shadow banned on such platforms as Facebook and Twitter; all because of our individual political or religious views and opinions.  The de-platforming of private enterprises such as Infowars.com and Parlor went as far as to demonetize those private enterprises, which includes Infowars being banned from doing business on PayPal and Parlor being deleted from the
 Biden Caught On Green Screen?
  Curious question, why would Biden do a fake green screen news spot before departing on his helicopter? Is he fearful of catching COVID 19? Or is he as some say an actor? What we do know is that faking things makes people wonder about the man and what is really going on. Furthermore this lends more credence to the reality of fakes news, and a fake administration, and hence only fuels speculation and theories.
The Globalist Plan to Declare Eminent Domain on Humanity
Alex Jones breaks down the globalist plan to declare 'global eminent domain' on humanity.
The Age of Genetically Modified Humans Has Arrived
Greg Reese How a fake pandemic was used to usher in the anti-human era.
Babylon Is Fallen ~ Learning The Lessons Of History
Babylon Is Fallen ~ Learning The Lessons Of History   God allows some things to continue in this world until people learn the lesson of them. It is true with God that He knows that history will repeat itself until we learn its lessons. And today I know it is true that there are people who are attempting to rewrite history to hide the lessons that men have learned so that people can fall in the snare of being trapped by those things again, and one of those traps is socialism which many are teaching today to our students in college as an alternative to our Republican form of government.   Today here in this nation and in some parts of the world, it looks like God is setting the world up to lea
Our Present Vision
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March 19, 2021    Welcome and we hope that you like the vision of Dansgate both as a social media platform and as a user defined and driven magazine site. Actually the magazine is more of a back end section to Dansgate social media, where as a user driven magazine the posted articles by our members within the network, make their way into the magazine. Some of those post become Featured, whereas some might reach the Popular list and some the Top post list. As far as what is Featured, this depends upon the interest of the content as well as what is Popular which means what people are sharing and reading the most. Hence there will always be something to read as well as something fresh if you re
Gene Deer Midnight Healing
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Facebook Needs To Be Broken Up
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KING ZUCK: Facebook Global Planning Lead Reveals Dire Need For Government Intervention In Facebook
17 Nations Ban Covid-19 Vaccine
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Alex Jones breaks down the growing resistance to medical tyranny as 17 nations have now banned the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. Join the Infowars crew profile here at Dansgate.  And become a member today! Shop My Patriot Supply for all of your long term storage food needs.  They also have preparedness gear of all kinds, which includes water and air purification, as well a solar and other emergency gear. #Infowars
Agenda 21, The Great Reset And Dystopian World Order
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  Well here we are in the target year for Agenda 21 which is now being called the Great Reset and all they had to do to bring this in on time was create a pandemic to bring about several agendas, one is to bring into use a Chinese Social Credit Score System world wide using a Vaccination Pass App for those who get vaccinated, and use vaccines to curb world population growth.  This post contains several videos and may take a minute or so for the page to fully load.   The following short videos are intriguing and are perhaps the best way to put forth the concepts of the scenario we are in as we enter into Agenda 21 (it is now the year 2021 and the time for the agenda to be implemented) and he
The Pipeline And The Price Of Oil
  Liberals have no idea of doing things in sustainable and cost effective ways. I have said this many times before. Shutting down the pipeline is one of those examples.   Currently those transporting it by vehicular means are wasting more fuel to do so than the pipeline would use, and then there is the environmental problems of vehicular transportation by sea, trucks and trains. So their climate change views are hypocritical since this is their way of doing things. Vehicular means of transportation of oil do not serve the interest of being conservative with energy use, by using un-needed energy for oil transportation, as well as the extra carbon and other environmental concerns that a closed
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