Dansgate represents a new vision in what online communities should be.  We have better user tools than other social media sites would dream of providing, that enable you to have more fun and be more creative with your Posted content to your friends, as well as to the whole community. 

  At Dansgate all of  your Youtube and other source videos run live in the news feed wherein no one has to travel off site to watch them.  Furthermore for the serious users who are into citizen journalism as well as professional journalist and broadcasters, our Post publishing tools consist of the same TinyMCE classic editor as is used in Wordpress and other web site installations, which allows you the option of using html source code to post your content.  Hence anything as well as everything that you can do with Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal, you can do in your post here at Dansgate.  You can embed broadcast plugins, and of course we have a one button easy to set up live steaming feature for those not yet familiar with RTMP scripts.

  We are not just a family and friends online community, but a God and Country free speech zone on the Internet.  And we are not hosted on one of the Big Tech platforms since we host our self through our own hosting medium.

  Dansgate will always try to be what other social media platforms are not.  We will stay abreast of the state of the art in web technologies.


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