Dansgate Community Standards

  Dansgate believes in the vision of providing this platform as a service to those who are being targeted on other social media platforms and hence have been shadow banned, censored as well as deleted and banned from those platforms, merely for sharing their Conservative views, as well as Christian faith and views. Our Community Standards are such that we want to provide a platform for such people who have been censored for the above, where we want them to feel free to post their views.  

  Dansgate furthermore wants to be a decent platform for family and friends without all of the objectionable material found posted on such platforms as Facebook where such questionable and inappropriate material often fills the news feed.  Our Community Standards are not vague in that lets say a Moderator can interpret things the way they want and make decisions not based upon our defined Terms Of Use and Our User Rules.  Wherein our user rules are simple and focused on what they should be focused upon instead of whether or not our users are politically correct such as Facebook and Twitter as well as Youtube require their users to be.

  Our Community Standards are based upon both our Terms Of Service and Terms Of Use.

  Dansgate is not strict in terms of the vision of the use of this community platform since we do want our users to have fun with social media, and hence create media albums of photos, memes, and music as well as other videos.  Furthermore our vision for our members is that we want them to have an experience here that enables their creativity, and so, however they envision having fun and communicating their ideas is a matter of them having some useful tools to use while they are here.

  Bullying and trolling members and groups has been a problem on the Internet since it first began, and some platforms focus on this while others do not.  Since we are focused on such things in terms of moderation, instead of ignoring them and being focused on people towing the line in terms of political correctness, wherein we care nothing for political correctness, we focus on what really matters in terms of standards of conduct as defined in our Terms Of Use where we point out such conduct that we will not tolerate here on this platform, which is how it should be.  

 Since we are also here to provide a free speech platform for those we have proposed to be of service to, we must also advise our members that threating members, or the public at large, as well as attacking them verbally and calling them names which is uncalled for, and attacking their character are things that result in moderation.  Likewise we are all held accountable for our words and so, we suggest that you use wisdom with your free speech.  We will expect you to use wisdom, and if not, then your words might be scrutinized by the community and investigated by moderators as well as the Admin. You see some people use their word without wisdom, wherein their words can come back to haunt them.  We hence ask that you use your free speech wisely and with commonsense.  

  Now you can use your free speech to express political concerns and issues, as well as address political corruption. You can use your free speech to express your religious views, as well as debate doctrine.  Just remember this, allot of people have their minds made up with regards to their beliefs, and are not likely to change their views unless through a detailed bit of education over time that causes them to re-evaluate things when provided with more insight and information.  We can not however force people to change their views since forcing people with words is often perceived to be an attack, or unwanted confrontation.  So state what your opinions and beliefs are and leave it at that.  Do not attack people for not understanding nor wanting to understand your beliefs and views.  And remember this, people are at various levels of understanding and awareness as we all come along into contact with each other.  Some have come to where they are in their awareness and views through decades of life experiences.  So do not assume that everyone is on the same level and same page.  And do not criticize people for not being on your level nor up to speed on things.  It takes time in life to learn things.

  Our moderators are expected to use the philosophy of these standards above with our Terms Of Service and Terms of Use with its user rules to moderate our community.  And they are not expected to make things up on their own but follow our standards and its vision to make social media what it ought to be wherein at other online platforms things have run amok due to various visions and standards being applied from a global range of perspectives, wherein Dansgate is not a global community and has no intentions of being.  Our membership is only open to English speaking nations and we do not use multiple language packages here on this platform.

  We do not tolerate anyone creating a fake profile of any of our members, nor do we tolerate anyone pretending to be of the staff of Dansgate.  All official Dansgate profiles will either have an Administration or Network membership badge attached to the profile.  Any profile pretending to represent Dansgate that does not have such membership badge status will be deleted, and the IP address of the member will be banned.

  One other matter of concern with regards to our standards.  This regards those with an agenda for disrupting the consensus of this forum by coming here with an agenda to test our members and the Administration of this platform, which has already occurred in the past.  As stated preciously we want to be a decent platform for family and friends without objectionable material, and as stated we have a strict policy on trolling and bullying.  Those with an agenda to confront our members with ideologies that are not suitable in a Christian community, and who come here deliberately to create waves and disrupt this platform and to conduct a agenda for some adverse and unacceptable ideologies will be remove from our network.