Featured Broadcasters

 Here is a list of our featured broadcasters.  We provide this list both for our members and popular broadcasters who want to make sure that their broadcast is carried on this platform. This feature is provided as a one time paid for service by broadcasters who want to spread awareness of their broadcast across Dansgate.

About Live Streaming In The News Feed

  For our members interested in broadcasting on Dansgate, this is easy since we do have a live streaming button on both the Post and Update text entry boxes, wherein the button looks like a black dot, where you can live stream from your PC cam or phone. This method requires no setup other than to name the stream and your initial comment on it. Or you can embed your live stream plugin into a Post using the html source code feature.  Plugins are also referred to as scripts and embedding scripts even widgets.  Since we have various means to broadcast which are not limited in terms of method of use, we hope that Dansgate can help launch new broadcasters into the public arena.


  If you are not familiar with using plugins, widgets or scripts, then merely use the black dot button and you will be streaming here on Dansgate.  And of course experiment, it does not matter if your experimental post look professional or not since you are learning how to use the feature, and you can always delete an experimental post.  In which case, do some experiments to learn how it works and then you can begin streaming anytime you want.  We hope that some of you will use this feature to begin to broadcast on Dansgate.  Also you can upload videos here which can help with your broadcasting venture in terms of providing your audience with some content that they can utilize and share.