About Dansgate Magazine
About Our Magazine
  Dansgate Magazine is a feature of the Dansgate Social Media community network, which provides our members with a Public platform for sharing their unique creative content.  We provide our members with Post publishing tools similar to those found in Wordpress and other state of the art website installations, which enable our members to post content of all kinds, from web page articles with numerous photos, as well as embedded videos, including live broadcast feeds from various sources as well as embedding their podcast.  And they can also use our live streaming server to stream live from their PC or phones with just a click of a button and no set up.

  Our Post editor also allows our members to use html source code if they choose to customize their content and embed whatever they want into their post, enabling them to excel in creativity.  Hence whenever they choose to use our Post publishing tools instead of the timeline / news feed "Update" text box, which is the same feature used at Facebook and Twitter, the Post editing feature sends their post to our Magazine as well as our news feed, whereas those post published using the Update feature only go to their timelines and our internal news feed.  Hence for those who want to publish content beyond our social media news feed, they can elect to use the Post publishing tools to publish to our Magazine.  

  In this way the Magazine feature here at Dansgate which is an open public access forum that does not require membership, provides Online syndication of Post and articles and other content that our members produce for sharing everywhere.  Our post sharing tools contain 180 social media share buttons to the most used social media platforms and other networks, including Messenger etc., which allows more wide spread sharing capabilities than Facebook or Twitter provides their members.  Furthermore, what Dansgate offers our members in terms of social media tools and our platform's experience for our users, excels that of other social media networks, even the Big Tech platforms.  Here at Dansgate we are not only a friends and family network, but a network for the Citizen Journalist, as well as professional journalist and broadcasters and we have some professional broadcasters on board here who came looking for a free speech platform to publish their content to the people.

  Dansgate is a fully customizable platform where we can add new sections to our pages in a moment, where we can provide ad content to those who want to advertise with us, through our news feed and through modules and apps that we can place on our pages throughout the network and magazine.  
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Dansgate Magazine

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