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  Dansgate provides our all of our social media members a means to go web wide daily with their post and content. This feature of our community is called Dansgate Magazine, accessible to the public as a daily journalism and media publication website.

  Whenever our members publish a Post, using the rich text / html post editor, their post will go to syndication on the Internet via our community website pages "Dansgate Magazine" that are open to the public for viewing and sharing.  The pages contain a drop down sharing button feature that opens to 180 different sharing buttons, the same that can be found on your profile and in our groups.  Herein is a snap shot of how the Dansgate Magazine is set up, providing community wide web post along with the typical support ads and other features that a web site provides to the public.  All of those who visit us from post shared up 180 easy ways  by the share buttons, see what looks to be a mere journalism publication website.  

  Below is a snap shot of our magazine section, click the photo to enlarge.

  This feature will provide our members with a net wide audience, and help in promoting our network.