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  We are an advanced state of the art social media platform,
which provides our users with enhanced content publishing tools.

  We are the new home of free speech.

  Hello this is the Editor of Dansgate, and I want to take a moment to thank you for joining our community. I just wanted to take a moment to ask you to consider what this platform is capable of, and how that it is unique as compared to other social media platforms. And to also consider that our members post go to syndication on the web via our Dansgate Magazine feature.

  This platform was built with free speech in mind, for everyone that has been deplatformed, censored and shadow banned on other platforms. Furthermore it was designed for regular folk, and for both citizen and professional journalist, as well as video broadcasters and podcasters.

  I would like to ask you to take time to consider asking your friends and work mates to join. And if you have a platform for spreading the word about our existence and the advantages of being here, then please do so, make mention of us and tell people where we are at. The url is simple

  Also remember that every platform like this that springs up on the net in the future will provide competition to the Big Tech platforms and will in time force them to change their business model. So in bringing people here, you can begin to take business away from Big Tech. And everyone who is like you in terms of wanting a new platform to speak freely upon and to promote their ventures, will appreciate meeting up with your here, and knowing that you are here.

  Spread the word.