A New Vision In Social Media

  Our network is an advanced state of the art social media platform,
which provides our users with enhanced content publishing tools.

Our Purpose

   We exist as a free speech alternative to the censorship that exist on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 
 Our Vision  
  Our vision is to provide a platform capable of giving our members some useful and interesting publishing tools not found anywhere in social media, except in website software such as Wordpress, Joomla, and Moodle, etc. Such tools that will allow our PC and Laptop users to utilize a full rich text editor along with the option for using raw html code to publish their content. Our phone users have the same kinds of tools found on other social media, including our network being designed to be easy to use with any phone browser. However to use our full set of tools one does need a PC or Laptop to access those features. 
 Easy Means To Broadcast   
  If you are into broadcasting you can do so live from our platform, or you can embed your stream into your post using our html option in our rich text editor. You can also embed live gaming streams as well as podcast. Furthermore from time to time we feature some broadcasters by providing them with a special page for their daily broadcast so that everyone in the network can find the broadcast.  

Chat Rooms

  We realize also, that there are people who like to use the good old chat rooms that use to be found just about everywhere and so we have chat rooms here, plus we provide the ability for you to create you own custom chat rooms for use on your profile.  Our chat rooms include a radio section where you can select your genre of music to listen to as you browse the threads.
 Youtube Videos 
   Unlike other networks where you must travel to Youtube to watch a video, Youtube and other videos run live in your news feed and on your profile. This increases engagement on our platform where your friends can watch these videos in their feeds and comment on them there. No more leaving the network to watch Youtube music or movie videos. 
 Your Own Private Publishing Desk 
   We designed and built a Publisher's Desk (My Desk) feature into our platform where you can focus on editing your post content and keep track of things. Also, if you use our Post feature instead of the Update, your post will go to syndication via our Dansgate Magazine. And since our platform has an unique name, it comes up to the top of the heap in search engines, including Google. Your content can easily be found in any search engine. 
  The scope of everything that Dansgate has to offer our network members is too extensive to mention, and it requires that our members spend some time to explore it all.  We wanted our members to have everything they need to have fun as well as excel in publishing their content in our network. Furthermore we provide share buttons to over 100 social media networks and blogs.  You can share anything and everything, even member profiles to just about anywhere on the Internet that you want to share our content.