A New Vision In Social Media

  Dansgate is a new vision of what social media ought to be for we the people. Empowering the people with features unheard of in other social media.

  We are a free speech community with better media tools for member driven and defined content, which also provides for web wide syndication. We exist out of neccessity to provide a free speech platform for Christians, Conservatives, Patriots, and just average folk who are tired of Big Tech platform censorship.

  Our community exist for family and friends, where we have lots of ways to have fun, from creating your own library of music and other videos, to groups, to chat rooms, and special pages to access your favorite online broadcast. Or you might begin your own broadcast that can be syndicated from here to other platforms.

  An added feature of being a member of our community is our magazine where our members creative post automatically go to publication for public access viewing and sharing. As stated we provide better publishing tools as compared to other social media, where your published content creates articles of website quality for distribution everywhere.

  Dansgate Magazine is our public website section, featuring post, articles and music as well as broadcast from our community of Citizen Journalist. Visit our magazine often and please feel free to share our articles and other content.

  Our network is an advanced state of the art social media platform,
which provides our users with enhanced content publishing tools.