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  We are a down home family and friends network.

  Our memberships are free, you do not have to pay for anything to get the most out of social media.  In fact this is the most advance social media platform there is, with state of the art user features.

  Dansgate does not shadow ban nor censor our members, we believe in your right to freedom of speech.  We are a free speech God and Country platform.

  At Dansgate you will discover some interesting post publishing tools to give your content a polished look. We have a full rich text editor for publishing your content in a professional way, utilizing the same publishing tools that you have in Wordpress, Moodle, as well as Joomla.

  If you would like a quick review of our features then consult our new members guide "Getting Started."  Which will describe to you how things work here at Dansgate as well as provide you a list of all that we offer.

  Please join us and invite your family and friends.  There are allot of ways to have fun here, make music video albums, and play list.  Embed your live gaming stream in a post so your friends can watch.  Or just publish your live broadcast stream so that your friends can follow your broadcast.  We welcome all online video and podcast broadcasters as well as journalist.

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